EcoTourism Ireland Certification

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The Dolphin Hotel has been awarded and EcoTourism Ireland Gold Award, the first award on an Irish island.

What Does It Mean?

Gold Award

This award recognises that our Ecotourism approved experiences are highly environmentally and socio-culturally responsible. We are continuously working to better our operations, enhance our sustainable travel practices and provide more in depth interpretation of the natural world. We are knowledgeable about environmental/social issues related to our business, and we are working to become industry leaders. Our Ecotourism approved experiences have had an on-site assessment, which verified that they have received 85-100% of the available points.

Our Ecotourism Ireland approved experiences have had an on-site assessment by an independent auditor.

Why Certify?

We are proud to be part of EcoTourism Ireland. This shows our commitment to ecotourism, and recognises our ecotourism experiences as being amongst the finest in Ireland. EcoTourism Ireland is the highest standard of any Ecotourism Label in Ireland and is recognised by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. It is a label that tells our customers that they have chosen an authentic environmentally responsible holiday.

What are the Benefits of Ecotourism?

“Ecotourism is highly suited to tourism development in unspoilt locations as it can create jobs and income without destroying or degrading the natural or cultural assets that the visitor has come to see. Like no other industry, ecotourism gives natural unspoilt areas an economic value, but this goes hand in hand with actively creating benefits for nature conservation and focusing on reducing environmental impacts.

A genuine ecotourism travel experience is based on a number of principles that make demands on both ecotourism operators and their guests. Visitors can expect to gain privileged insights and knowledge about the nature and culture of the region they have come to see, and they can also be assured that the people involved in providing their holiday have adopted environmentally sustainable practices.

Furthermore, ecotourism operators should be actively contributing to the conservation of their local biodiversity and cultural heritage, and ensuring that steps have been taken to minimise their operations impacts on local nature and culture.

Ecotourism is often carried out in small groups and tends to be focused on enjoying the best nature experiences available in an area, meeting local people, enjoying local food and gaining real insights into the area being visited.” (EcoTourism Ireland)

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EcoTourism Ireland Certification